Company Policy

Tourama has the following company policy, which is a guarantee to you, whether you are our supplier, a professional tour guide or operator, a leisure travel customer, or a corporate customer.

Tourama values your confidence.


1) We quote fares and hotel rates all inclusive, if you have given us enough information about your trip to do so. The terms and conditions of the fare will be clearly stated. We will treat the money you have set aside for travel budget as conservatively as if it were our own (Cost Saving), so if you want to disregard this to splurge for a special occasion or other reasons, you need to tell us. Uniquely, we will also tell you if there is a much cheaper way to do your trip by booking online, even if it means that we will lose your business. We hope that you will ask us, next time too.


2) We are a small agency, with only 4 staff. Your travel, whether corporate or leisure is confidential, and we will not divulge your plans to anyone (unless you specifically request us to)


3) We will warn you if the hotel you have selected has a bad reputation, and if we are selling you a hotel separately it will be the best available vetted property.


4) Our charges for reissues/date changes, refunds, visa handling, booking facilities etc. will always be fair, and according to the IATA Agents Association of Sri Lanka (industry) guidelines, of which we are a member.


5) Industry Best Practices
- We make bookings only when you have instructed us to do so, according to the final itinerary that you have decided upon.
- We do not keep bookings that you have instructed us to cancel.
- We will issue your e-ticket only when you specifically instruct us to do so.
- We do not create dummy bookings or make speculative bookings. We have zero tolerance for such practices, due to wastage.
- We would like to avoid making duplicate bookings on different airlines for the same trip. Duplicate confirmed bookings, on the same route, on different dates on the same airline will be auto-cancelled by them, and we cannot make them for you.
- Some of our services are booked directly through B2B web engines with client credit cards. We do not keep your credit card details, so you will need to give us these details for each booking. We regret the inconvenience - it is for your own protection.
- With your quote, we will tell you upfront what the Date Change and Refund Fees are once the ticket is issued. If this is omitted due to an oversight, please ask.

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