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A Dozen Things to think about


Here are the things that you should know before you travel to a new destination independently.

If you do not have a local or a tour guide to help you and advise, it is necessary to Google reliable websites and have the knowledge with you. Carry the pdf in your phone if you need to.


01. Currency

Find out about the currency and its exchange rate, of the country you are visiting, and how to get it. It may even be from the ATM - but don't stop there.  Check which bank's ATM works with your card. Know the exchange rate, and be prepared to calculate in your head how much cash you will need each day. You will then know how to balance your financial requirements between cash, credit card and online/prepaid.


02. Public Transportation

Check out the local public transportation. The first priority would be how to leave the airport. This includes what the local transportation is, how to buy tickets, and how to use it efficiently. If there is no local transportation, check out the cost of taxis. Choose your base in the area which has fast, economical and convenient connections to your public transportation. Choose your accommodation within walking distance of the public transportation, or the most economical place to park your car, as the case may be.


03. What to See 

Plan out what you want to see, and prioritise, if your time is limited. Note opening times and closing times, and also holidays which may affect your transportation, attractions or tours.


04. Electrical Connection 

Electrical connections - find out the plug type, and have an adapter, or plan to buy one at a supermarket early so that your camera and mobile phone are not disabled. Make sure your equipment is dual voltage, as if you may burn it out if you do not notice the correct Voltage/Amperage marking.


05. Wi-Fi

If you are staying at a residence instead of a hotel, make sure that it has wi-fi so that you can do more research should you need to. If not, you will have to have a good roaming data plan either on a daily or a monthly basis (usually over 10 days, a monthly plan is cheaper), or plan to buy a data SIM on your arrival there.


06. Tickets 

Plan which attractions you need to buy tickets for, well in advance online. These may include the Eiffel Tower, Paris Disneyland, the Louvre, the Prado, the Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces, Madame Tussaud's London, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Anne Frank House. If you are attending a concert or popular sports match, you should definitely book it in advance. If it is a Musical or Theatre Show in London, go to TKTS. If you have already missed your chance and it shows as Sold Out online, go to the venue one hour before if you have the time, and see whether there are last minute returns. You may just be lucky. Watch out for (avoid/be wary of) scalpers and reseller websites - the ticket may have been invalidated.


07. Local Language

Know a few basic phrases in the local language, if it is not English.


08. Tips 

Research what is normal tipping for restaurants, taxis, hotels, tour guides and other services that you plan to use.


09. Clothes and Packing

Pack and plan ahead for clothing requirements for the duration of your trip, that are both practically and culturally appropriate.

see- Bags 


10. Visa 

You probably have your visa already. Read a little about its limitations, and make sure that you don't leave the country inadvertently if you don't have a multiple entry visa, for example.


11. Weather 

Be prepared by researching the weather for the time that you are visiting. Even if the weather report is favourable, remember that it can change quickly, so be prepared.


12. Food

Plan ahead for your dietary and budgetary limitations. Plan to have some local food, and even experiment with some of the more exotic immigrant food that the country now has, which the locals also enjoy. Indian food due to the way it is purchased, by dishes put together, can be very expensive if you are solo or a couple. Vegetarians, even vegans, have many more choices around  the world. If you plan to be sightseeing during the day, have a fallback option ready in the area where you plan to end up, as you may find that most good places have closed by the time you finish.

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